Many Hands Make are thrilled to be working with Becca from Card Capture on the launch of their new service which we’re sure will be of interest to our clients. Everyone who engages in business networking should read the article below and consider the benefits of having your own exclusive and adaptable business database.

How to turn a drawer full of business cards into a powerful business database



Turn a pile of cards into a database full of prospects


We’ve all got a pile of business cards collected from networking events. We might have good intentions, but aside from a quick phone call we don’t use this powerful information from the people we have met as well as we should. Most of the cards end up scattered to the corner of your briefcase or at the back of a drawer – never to be seen again.  There are never enough hours in the day to enter the contact details from the business cards onto your contact system, therefore the opportunities to generate business by keeping in touch are lost.

But there is a simple way of making the most of this data. Simply send your collection of business cards to Card Capture

Card Capture will enter all the contact details from the business cards into a Microsoft Excel file.

From the Microsoft Excel file you (or Many Hands Make) can:-

– View and make notes against contacts;

– Create mail merges for postal marketing campaigns;

– Send e-shots or e-newsletters;

– Import the list into your contact system;

– Use the data as the start of your own prospect database.

How many business opportunities have you missed out on because you didn’t keep in touch?

Don’t let that happen again!

Prices start from £95 – which as we all know is comparable with purchasing data which may or may not be relevant. This way you may be sure that the data is clean and recently acquired.

For more information contact Many Hands Make in any of the usual ways or e-mail Becca Robertson directly on